Who We Are

EarnLearnSaveInvest.com (ELSI)® is all about YOUR MONEY; making it, growing it, protecting it, and eventually passing it on. It is a library of personal finance content designed to accompany you throughout a lifetime of financial decisions and transactions regardless of your age or net worth.

ELSI® is a constantly evolving collection of original and curated content to guide you and be with you throughout your journey to your own personal version of financial freedom and success.

Are you 17 and saving for your first car? Information that could save you thousands is right here at your fingertips at ELSI®.

Or are you closer to 77 and planning your estate? Both and all those in between will find this valuable content to be as broad as it is deep and therefore filled with useful information and actionable ideas to save you and make you money daily.

Our mission is to create, establish, develop, and grow a nationally recognized BRAND in the personal finance and investing education space.

We want to do that because we believe in our hearts that is the best way to help people of all ages and incomes achieve the highest level of understanding they desire, regarding the financial topics that matter to them, and deliver it in a manner and format that is enjoyable to read, view and/or listen to.

About Our Founder, John Lebeau:

A seasoned, financial industry veteran with a diversified, decades-long background from Wall Street to Palm Beach, John Lebeau began his career in 1981 at E.F. Hutton, investing in the corporate stock of 82 corporations for its employees’ monthly stock investment plans.

A year and a half later, he was sitting on the institutional trading desk of the venerable and iconic, investment research and management firm, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., now AllianceBernstein, L.P. N.B. (In October 2000, Alliance Capital acquired Sanford C. Bernstein & Co).

26 years later, in 2008, he left the corporate world as a VP/Sales Director in the Wealth Management division of BNY Mellon’s South Florida Region in its West Palm Beach office. N.B. (The Bank of New York Company, Inc., the oldest bank in the nation, founded in 1784 by prominent New York lawyer and eventual President, Alexander Hamilton, merged with Mellon Financial Corporation in July 2007.)

Soon after, he went into private practice as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), under the firm name John J. Lebeau & Co. This boutique RIA commanded a niche specialty practice in South Florida in Reg. D venture capital consulting.

John semi-retired in 2014, to pursue various business and personal goals, one of which is now sharing his knowledge of finance with his readers, subscribers, customers and clients at EarnLearnSaveInvest.com.

During his career in Palm Beach, John spent fifteen years as the father of opposite sex twins, whom he raised single-handedly from the age of three. He is also a passionate sailor with a Viking-like attachment to a 40-year-old, well-traveled, New England-built sloop, s/v Vent d’Ete.

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